Are You Tired of Being SLOW?
Do You Need To Get Quicker?
Dear Fellow Basketball Player:
If you’re tired about being overlooked because you’re not quick enough. If you want to improve your quickness because you’re tired of sitting the bench, this is the most important letter you’ve ever read…

In this letter I’ll reveal my complete solution to solving your quickness problem.

My name is Shelby Turcotte and I’m a Guard Training Expert. For the past 25 years I’ve been playing, coaching, or developing basketball players both on and off of the court. I’ve been a player up through the college level, I’ve coached up through the Varsity level in high school, and for the past 7 years I’ve successfully run my own basketball training company. If there are 2 things that I know about getting quicker it’s this:
  • 1) EVERYONE has the potential to get quicker – and usually a LOT quicker.
  • 2) 99% of players are training quickness incorrectly
How Do You Train Correctly? I’m glad you asked…

What I’ve done is put together the most effective program to develop quickness for basketball players. The program is designed to maximize your quickness so that you realize your true basketball potential. I take all of the guess work out for you, and give you an exact program to follow so that you don’t make the same mistakes that 99% of players are making.
Before I tell you more about the program, I want you to hear from athletes
just like yourself about this breakthrough quickness training program…
“Being a tall wing player (6’1”) in the women’s game, I’m expected to be slow. With the help of Coach Shelby’s training, I’ve noticed a major difference in my quickness. I’m able to keep smaller players out of the paint on defense, and when we run our 18s I always finish first because of my ability to change direction faster than others!
“With the UnGuardable Quickness program, I’ve noticed a major difference in my first step quickness. I can go by defenders almost at will because of my ability to change direction and and accelerate.”
So What Is It That 99% of Players and Coaches Do Incorrectly?
They Don’t Train Quickness Specific For Guard Play…
How many times have you gone to practice and done a random ladder drill? How about using the jumprope?   You see most coaches, players, and parents assume that all quickness drills are magically going to make you a better basketball player. But the truth is, using a bunch of drills randomnly organzied into a “training program” are going to do very little to help your overall game. You need program that fits together properly, just like any good basketball team, too much of a good thing is bad. 

Eventually I got tired of watching athletes and coaches just choose a bunch of drills they found online for free and assume that that was going to be enough to earn them a division 1 scholarship or earn all-conference honors. At the time there were very few good quality quickness programs online and no quickness programs which specifically addressed the needs of point guards, shooting guards, and wings. At this point I was training a select group of players ranging from JV through all-state. I was also coaching high school basketball, and consulting with other schools and coaches to help develop their programs. As result of these experiences I started to put together a training system that not only worked for elite level athletes, but was also showing incredible results with average athletes who wanted to improve their quickness and agility to take their game to the next level.

“The unique ladders drills and quick explosive drills in UG Quickness helped my game a lot. I started to notice an immediate difference in how quickly I exploded off of the floor. I no longer had to worry about my quickness on the offensive or defensive end.”

So What Is It That 99% of Players and Coaches Do Incorrectly?
Initially there was a lot of skepticism among players and coaches as to whether they could improve their quickness even with their “genetic” limitations. I started to have parents calling me up wondering if it was actually true that even with BAD GENETICS that their son or daughter could still get dramatically quicker. The honest answer is YES. An emphatic YES! The bottom line is whether you’re already an all-star caliber athlete or you’re hoping to finally shut-up the naysayers who always tell you that you’re too SLOW, this program was created just for you!

Having been in the game for a quarter century I’ve nearly seen it all. And to be brutally honest, I know how frustrating it can be to see a kid with less skill than you, who doesn’t work as hard as you, earn more minutes, more playing time, and more recognition. It’s not fun to sit the bench, especially if you know you have enough skill to be out there on the court playing. It’s discouraging I know.

I’ve actually seen players who life change simply because of this….

First they lose playing time to a more athletic player (who’s not as good).

Then they start to lose confidence in themselves, their teammates, and their coaches.

And finally they either quit, or wind up being completely unhappy in a game that they actually enjoy playing!
It doesn’t have to be that way. 
Continue reading if you want to know:
  • The #1 mistake that coaches and players make when training to improve quickness.2) 99% of players are training quickness incorrectly
  • How you can overcome your slow genetics to develop functional quickness.
  • How come your typical training programs are actually hurting your quickness.
  • The Secret Program that has been used by athletes of all ages and abilities to improve their quickness beyond any level they ever thought possible.
If you’ve ever wondered why you weren’t born with the “genetic” gift of quick feet, or how come no matter how many drills you do you don’t see any improvement in speed?

Maybe you’re tired of seeing players who aren’t as skilled as you in the games because you are you just too slow?

I have good news for you…

I’m here to help you. It’s time to stop being frustrated with your lack of progress and it’s time to start taking immediate action to improving your quickness and agility. In just a minute I’m going to explain to you my exact formula for improving quickness at an alarming rate.

I have to warn you, that before now, I’ve never let anyone (not even my athletes) understand what it is that I do specifically to help take their game to the next level.

BUT, this program is not for those players or coaches who are unsure if they’re committed to getting quicker. If you think you’re just going to print out a workout and make progress without putting in the work, I’m here to tell you that this program isn’t for you.
Who Is This Program For?
  • Hard working basketball players who want a proven quickness program not a magic pill
  • Success oriented coaches that understand you must constantly get better to stay ahead of your competition
Who am I and why should you listen to me?
My name is Shelby Turcotte and I am a guard training expert. I’ve spent more than 25 years associated with the game of basketball. 

I’ve coached at the high school level, played at the college level, and now work with dedicated young athletes like yourself. 

You may recognize me as the founder of The UnGuardables, the first site dedicated to developing the best all-around guards. My UnGuardable Training System Volumes 1,2,3 have been sold all over the world, and my articles have been featured on a variety of websites including: iHoops, eliteFTS,, and BSMPG.
The #1 Reason Your Quickness Isn’t Improving
I often talk with athletes and coaches who think that what they’re doing is improving their quickness, but in reality it’s slowing them down. The biggest mistake coaches and athletes make is training for too long!

YES, you read that correctly, too long! The first mistake nearly all athletes make is training too much. By training too long you’re actually effecting your ability to recruit the fast twitch muscle fibers (the ones that actually make you move quicker) and you’re also fatiguing your nervous system (the circuit board for the body).

If I could tell you that you could train for less time and see more results, wouldn’t you be crazy to not take advantage of it?
Why Genetics Aren’t Holding You Back – How You Can Overcome SLOW Genetics
Years ago, scientists used to believe that you were either born quick, or born slow. Fast forward to today’s current research and you’ll realize one thing…


No matter how bad your genetics may be, with the right program and the right guidance you can unleash your hidden quickness.

While there is some truth to genetic limitations, the reality is that MOST every athlete never even comes close to their true genetic potential. I mean, how many teenagers do you know that have completely maxed out anything? Speed, shooting ability, quickness, etc. Players are still getting faster, stronger, and more explosive even at the NBA level.

If NBA players are still training to get quicker, why aren’t YOU?????
 Typical training programs are hurting your quickness because…
They are only training for acceleration. They focus mostly on taking off and NOT enough on stopping. The most impressive players on the court are able to STOP and GO on a dime – that’s true quickness. If you think that a training program that focuses only on going in a straight line, or uses only plyometrics, and you think you’re going to improve your lateral quickness, you’ve got another thing coming.

Quickness on the basketball court takes place in all 3 planes of motion (straight, side to side, and rotational), that means that if you’re not training quickness in all of those planes, you’re going to have a MAJOR weakness. Like any other weakness in sports, opponents will sense this weakness and exploit it to the max.
The Secret Program…
After seeing athletes frustrated with their results from typical quickness training programs and using “normal” personal trainers to improve it, I went to work organizing my quickness program.

You see, by this time I had worked with hundreds of athletes on a variety of quickness training techniques. I knew exactly what worked with players and what didn’t. Within weeks my schedule was completely full of athletes who were looking to get the edge on the courts (I actually had to start a waiting list to train with me).
Within about 2-3 weeks of just 20 minutes of quickness training my athletes started to notice a significant improvement in their basketball quickness.

As a matter of fact, I’ll let one of my athletes tell you what happened to him…
I was playing in a fall league game against a state championship caliber team and an all-state player. In the second quarter we were matched up (he was defending me) and I caught the ball on the wing. As he stepped up to play me I attacked him off of the dribble and crossed him up to get the basket for an and-1.  As I started to walk to the line for my free throws I turned around to see him standing their shaking his head. He then looked at me and said, “When did you get so f*@kin quick?” I responded the only way I knew how, with 1 word – “Shelby.”
Needless to say, I received a call from the other athlete the next week and he promptly came in to start training with me.
What You Need to Do TODAY to maximize your quickness…
  • Train your body to move quickly in all directions (left, right, forward, back, and rotating)
  • Improve both first step quickness (Acceleration) and your ability to stop (Deceleration)
  • Improve ground contact time (quick and explosive contacts)
  • Improve the force you put into the ground (harder you push, the quicker you stop + go)
  • Develop proper technique and positioning (become efficient)
  • Improve flexibility and mobility in the right places
  • Develop the needed core strength to make you more agile (without core strength you’ll be off balance)
That’s great, but how do you train all of those above qualities exactly as I described?
That’s exactly why I put together UnGuardable Quickness. I wanted players, coaches, and parents to have a done for you system that’s proven to work for all types of athletes. It doesn’t matter if you’re 12 years old and just starting out, or if you’re a serious college player who would like to improve his/her speed and quickness.
How Do You Know If UG Quickness is Right for You?
If you’re tired of being slow, want to prove to your teammates and coaches that you’re no longer a weak link, and are ready to take your game to the next level, this program may be right for you…

The players who see the best progress in
  • Have you searched YouTube to find quickness drills but don’t know how to integrate them into a training program?
  • Maybe you’re having trouble finding quickness drills that are basketball specific?
  • Are you afraid of getting cut by your coach because you’re not quick enough?
  • Are you a skilled player but you’re not receiving the letters or calls from as many colleges as you think you deserve?
  • Have you gone to basketball camps where the coaches give you all positive feedback on your playing abilities, but you don’t see the results in games that you want?
  • Are you tired of sitting the bench because you can’t play defense on the other teams best guards?
  • Are you tired of your coach yelling at you to “move your feet” on defense?
  • Can you shoot the basketball well when you have the time to shoot but need quicker feet to create your own shot?
UnGuardable Quickness is the answer.
What do you get with UnGuardable Quickness?
  •    UnGuardable Quickness Manual
  •    UG Quickness Flexibility + Mobility Drills
  •    UG Quickness Ladder Drills
  •    UG Quickness Jump Rope Drills
  • The 5 MUST have strength exercises for ALL guards
  •    Core Training For Quickness
UnGuardable Quickness is designed to help develop every aspect of on court quickness for guards. If I were going to charge my normal fees for the program design of UG Quickness it would cost $390, before either bonus or the video access. But in order to reach more people I’ve priced it at just $17!

That’s right, more than $300 off of my normal costs to design this program. So if you act immediately you’re going to guarantee yourself instant access for a 1-time fee of just $17.
REG $37 NOW JUST $17
I guarantee that you’ll love this product!

60-Day Iron-Clad Guarantee. My guarantee is that you’ll be 100% satisfied with the program or you can get your money back – no questions asked. Purchase UnGuardable Quickness, put it into action and if you’re still not satisfied with the level of quickness you’ve developed, both myself and CLICKBANK (a billion dollar company) guarantee a full refund. That’s how confident I am that this program is your missing link. No fine print, no gimmicks or hoops to jump through, if you’re not satisfied, you get an instant refund from CLICKBANK. What do you have to lose?

How come this program isn’t priced like your normal training?
Great question. With today’s technology (the internet) I’m able to reach millions of people by having this product as a digital download. There is NO physical product. This means that not only is it significantly cheaper than you’d have to pay to work with me in person, but it also means that you’ll have instant access. That’s right, as soon as you click the yellow “Add To Cart” button you’ll be able to print out your e-manual and start watching your training videos.

You can literally start training today!
What are you waiting for?
Frequently Asked Questions:
Who is this program for?
Any serious point guards or shooting guards looking to improve their basketball specific quickness.
How old do you have to be to do this program?
This program can be used by athletes as young as 12. Players younger than 12 could use the program and see benefits, but the most benefit will come from players ages 12 and older.
What makes this program different than traditional quickness programs?
It’s specifically designed for basketball players, and most importantly for guards. The drills, footwork, and positioning tailored to work with guard positions on the court.
Why Is it so cheap?
Because it is a digital product, I have been able to cut production cost. This has helped keep the cost down while helping more people achieve their basketball goals.
I have already purchased the UnGuardable Training System Vol. 1,2,3, how is UG Quickness different?
UnGuardable Quickness is a quickness specific program that I recommend for athletes who need to focus only on quickness. My recommendation is to use UG Quickness when you’re looking for a period of “intensification.” In other words, if you need to concentrate on quickness in the off-season because of slow feet. This is a very specific product geared towards quickness, where as UGTS 1,2,3 is a COMPLETE speed, quickness, vertical, strength, and explosive training system.
Can I use UG Quickness with UGTS 1,2,3?
Yes, absolutely. I have included instructions with UG Quickness about how to integrate the two so that you maximize your gains.
My Coach tells me that I’m slow and need to get quicker, will this product help me with that?
Yes. I specifically created this product to help give players and coaches a step-by-step blueprint of how to maximize your quickness. I walk you through each and every drill and take out all of the guesswork. You simply purchase the product and start using it immediately.
Will this program help my vertical jump?
Yes and no. If you’re looking for a program geared specifically towards helping your vertical jump improve, I would recommend another product, the Jump Manual. You will see an improvement in your vertical jump, in particular you will be much quicker off of the ground which is very important in finishing around the rim and getting your shot off quicker without getting blocked.
REG $37 NOW JUST $17
If you have more questions you can reach us: Thank you.